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Our Dream

The legacy and dream of the Patterson-Greenfield Automobile has been rebirthed through the launch, and production of, C.R. Patterson Automotive Design vehicles.

By designing cars, SUVs, school buses and trucks under this historic brand name, we provide desirable solutions to current market trends. Our trucks and other vehicles have been designed with the same high-quality craftsmanship of the Patterson brand and to exceed today’s design standards.

As part of the global auto industry, our partners share in both the profits as well as the pride of producing this key economic product for international markets…

We have been commited to continuing the well-established manufacturing legacy of the historic USA CR Patterson brand as a significant contributor to elegant innovations in motorized vehicle design.

Our Team

Derrick M. Holmes

Derrick M. Holmes is a successful serial entrepreneur. In the 1990’s, his full-service advertising firm, Hollyrock Advertising Co., had major clients including Coors Brewing Company, TWA, and The NBA. In 1998, Derrick founded Marquee Watch Co. where he put the signatures and likenesses of star athletes on the watch dial. In 2003, Derrick founded the Benjamin Banneker Watch & Clock Company (the only black-owned clock company in the world), named after the African-American scientist, inventor, and clockmaker.

Derrick  was voted one of the top African-American CEOs in America per Benjamin Banneker Watches and Clock company. Derrick created the first ever class watch in 2001 to go along with the class ring or as a standalone.  He said that “20 years, and 20 pounds later you will still be able to wear your Class Watch” He partnered with Jostens  one of the top  makers  of caps and gowns,  class rings and regalia for high school and college students in 2008 He then created the first urban line of Class Jewelry for high school and college graduates with the Benjiman Banneker Class watch, class ring, earrings and medallions.

That same year Derrick co/designed and created the first ever celebrity class ring which was his brain child for superstar Beyoncé. Her class ring broke a 100+years record Of a new product launched . He also brought several other big-name urban brands to that venture.

Derrick founded Patterson Automobile Company in 2017.

Tim Hardaway, Sr.
Board Member / Advisor

Tim Hardaway, Sr., NBA Legend, Olympic Gold Medalist, and recently elected to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame Class of 2022. Tim has been a representative of the Banneker brand since its inception in 2003 and has always been a staunch supporter and business relationship conduit. He was instrumental in Banneker Watches creating the first NBA Championship Watch for the 2006 NBA Champion Miami Heat and more recently the popular Crossover series of Tim Hardaway Signature watches. Tim has been a renowned watch collector since his NBA playing days, so it was a natural transition when he joined Banneker.

Terrell L. Davis
Board Member

Terrell L. Davis is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker and sports announcer. Terrell was inducted into the Class Of 2017 NFL Hall of Fame. Terrell is a two-time Super Bowl world champion and Super Bowl MVP. His business acumen has caused him to own and be involved in many high-profile companies. He is the Senior Vice President of Benjamin Banneker Watches and Clock Company. Terrell is involved in many nonprofit organizations that benefit the youth. He is a graduate of the University of Georgia. He is an avid believer in creating something and making it great.

Wesley L. “Rusty” Walker
Board Member & Consultant

Rusty Walker is the former Owner/President of Absolute Logistics. He has over 35 years’ experience in the rail, warehousing and trucking industries. Mr. Walker began his career with Nexus Distribution in the Chicago area. As a part owner of Nexus Warehouse, he was instrumental in the building of Nexus as a major handler of paper and other commodities.

Rusty then took a position with the Transportation Service Systems, Inc. (TSSI), a subsidiary of the Southern Pacific Railroad, becoming Vice President and General Manager. In this position, he learned the necessity to develop innovative approaches for combining rail, warehousing and trucking to secure the best value for his customers.

Rusty left TSSI and has refined supply chain concepts that have resulted in shipper success in expanding their markets to areas that had been previously barred to them as a result of high transportation costs or inefficient logistics solutions.

James W. Keyes
Board Member

James W. Keyes is the Chairman of Wild Oats Marketing LLC., a consumer product company selling natural and organic foods. He served from 2007 to 2011 as chairman and chief executive officer of Blockbuster Inc., where he was able to diversify the offering to provide the Blockbuster customer access to their favorite movies in store, by mail, in kiosks and via the internet with Blockbuster OnDemand. He led a restructuring of the company and the successful sale of assets to Dish Networks, preserving over 19,000 jobs. A 21-year veteran of 7-Eleven Inc., he served as its president and CEO from 2000 to 2005. He serves on numerous boards including Murphy, USA, The Dallas Symphony Association, the Cooper Institute, Columbia School of Business and the Dallas Education Foundation.

Tanya Ishikawa

Tanya Ishikawa in an award-winning journalist and public relations professional. Her clients have included international educational networks, corporations, trade associations, newspapers, and nonprofits. Her writing has appeared in Denver Urban Spectrum, Northglenn-Thornton Sentinel, Westminster Window, Aurora Guide, Boulder magazine, The Watch, Telluride Style, and Shelter magazine, among others. She has served on nonprofit boards and committees as well as four years on the Federal Heights City Council. She is executive director of the Uncompahgre Watershed Partnership, and board secretary for the Ridgway Area Chamber of Commerce.

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